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 Looking for warm spring temperatures
family friendly
no crowds

one of the most famous sandy beaches in Croatia
nearest apartments to the beach
all in an ancient, royal Croatian town?
You’ve found the right place!
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  • Aurora Apartments at Zdrijac beach

Welcome to Aurora Apartments, located on the Dalmatian coast of Croatia, in the ancient royal and historic city of Nin.

Our eleven apartments are first ones next to the sandy beach – only 10 seconds walk!  Each one is simple, clean, and ready for your family to enjoy your vacation on the Adriatic Sea.    Ground floor apartments have a private terrace that opens to our garden yard, while upper floor apartments have a private balcony which gives you direct view of the sand, beach and sea facing north towards the Velebit mountain range.

As you walk through our front gate, you will quickly step onto the sandy beach, where the water rolls onto the shoreline.  This sandy area is well known for family friendly fun, which commonly sees sand castles, bocce games, or parents buried up to their necks!

Sea gulls can be seen flying near the water’s surface looking for a snack.  The sun rises over the eastern end of the rugged Velebit mountain peaks. This aurora (or zora in Croatian) sheds light on the land and sea, first slowly, then you quickly feel the heat of its rays.

We welcome you to come experience the natural beauty that lies at our doorstep…