How far is the beach?
We are the nearest apartments next to the long, sandy Zdrijac beach.   You will step onto the sandy beach after walking only 10 meters from our property.

When is full payment due?
Full payment of your reservation is due on the day of your arrival. Payment should be made in cash using Euros or Croatian Kuna. You may also send full payment via bank transfer.   In addition, we require identification cards / passports for each person in your apartment for registration with our local Tourism office.

Is parking available?
Yes, there is one standard parking space provided on our property for each apartment and is free of charge.  If you have a very large vehicle, you may need find parking outside our property.

Is Wi-Fi internet access provided?
Yes, it is available and free of charge for all our guests.

What time is check-in  and  check-out?
Check-in time for all guests is after 14:00.
Check-out time for all guests is 10:00.  We must use this time to prepare the apartments for the next guests who will be checking-in.

Is it possible to check-in earlier than 14:00 on day of my arrival?
Early check-in is usually not possible.  From 10:00 to 14:00, apartments are being cleaned and prepared for the next guests.  We appreciate your patience while we prepare the apartments for your family.

Is it possible to check-out after 10:00am?
We understand you may not wish your holidays to end, but Check-out after 10:00am is usually not possible.  In order to have enough time to prepare all apartments for the next guests, we require check-out time for all guests before 10:00am. We appreciate that you follow this rule… remember, this is what allowed us to prepare your room when you arrived.  🙂

Which payment methods are accepted?
Once you arrive, we accept cash payment in Euros or Croatian Kuna.
If you wish to pay in advance, it is possible via bank transfer.

Is air condition (klima) available?
Yes, it is an available all apartments for free.

Is it possible to book a specific apartment?
Yes.  The earlier you contact us, then the better chance we can grant your desired apartment.

Do you provide bed linens and how often are they changed?
Bed linens are provided, and will be changed once per week.

Do you provide bath towels and how often are they changed?
Basic bath towels are provided, and will be changed once per week.  Please note these towels should not be used at the beach.

Is an extra cot or bed available?
This is available in limited quantity, and request must be made in advance.

Can I order half-board / breakfast / meals?
Unfortunately, we do not offer it at this time.
However, each apartment is equipped with a kitchenette, kitchen equipment, refrigerator and electric stove.  In addition, there is a caffe bar on our property and a mini-market (40 meters away). There are also several markets and supermarkets within 10 minutes drive.

Is there a barbecue (bbq) grill available?
Yes, we have a traditional outdoor wood burning grill available for your use.

Are pets allowed?
Unfortunately, due to guest complaints and allergy concerns, pets are no longer permitted.