House Rules

To make sure that your family and all other guests will have a pleasant and satisfactory visit with us and to prevent any misunderstandings, please read our House Rules below.

When you complete your reservation with us, you also confirm that you agree with our House Rules during your visit.  If you choose to violate these House Rules, it can result in the immediate cancellation of your reservation.

  1. On the day of your arrival, you are required to :
    – provide us the Passports or Identification cards for each member of your group.
    – submit the remainder of your payment in full in cash (euros).
  2. You are responsible for the cleanliness of the apartment rented to you. This includes taking out the garbage and recyclable materials on a daily / regular basis to avoid problems with bad odors and avoid attraction of bugs.
  3. You are responsible to take care of your personal belongings and valuables that you leave inside or outside the apartment.  When exiting the apartment, we advise that you always close and lock the main door, the balcony doors, and the windows. The owner is not responsible for any stolen or damaged items, whether they are inside or outside the apartment.
  4. Pets are NOT allowed in our apartments.  We regret this decision, but due to guest complaints and problems with allergies and noises, we can no longer allow pets in the apartments.
  5. Smoking is NOT permitted inside the apartments.  Please feel free to smoke on the balcony terrace or anywhere else outdoors.  Thank you for your cooperation.
  6. You do not have permission to bring any weapons, flammable or explosive substances and products with strong or unpleasant smell into our apartments or property. Also, any additional cooking or electrical appliances are not allowed without obtaining approval from the owner before your arrival.
  7. All guests are kindly asked to take care of the apartment and furniture, both inside and outside. You are not permitted to move the furniture or to transport it to another apartment, outside, or to the beach (e.g. the kitchen chairs to the terrace, cutlery/glasses/plates to another apartment unit, towels or blankets to the beach…).
  8. When you and your guests exit the apartment, you have the obligation to close the parasols / umbrellas, switch off the lights and electrical appliances, and turn off all water faucets. 
    Please NOTE – sometimes there are very strong winds and sudden storms, which can cause severe damage to umbrellas and outdoor furniture.  Therefore, please be sure to secure these items and close windows and doors
  9. When using the klima / air-conditioning, we kindly ask that you please close the doors and windows to create a cooler environment for you.  In addition, it is not necessary to leave the klima / air-conditioning on all day if you are not home.   They are powerful enough to cool the entire apartment in a short time when you return.
  10. Since we use a septic tank system, we kindly request that you limit unnecessary water usage.  It is forbidden to throw waste in the toilets or in any other place not predicted for this purpose (like outside the house or in its vicinity).
  11. Please do NOT throw wet-napkinswet-towelettespaper-towels into the toilet.  This will cause a clog in our pipes and will require that we turn off all water supply until it is repaired. 
    If a guest is found to be throwing these items into the toilet,  the guest will be responsible to reimburse the owner for costs of clearing the clogged pipes by a professional cleaning service.
  12. The apartment usage is for registered guests of Aurora Apartments only.  It is strictly prohibited to bring other people who are not listed on your Reservation document.
    You are also prohibited from inviting non-guests to park their vehicle on our property.  If any other person is found present in the apartment, the owner has the right to immediately cancel your reservation and all the guests in your group.  In addition, unknown or unregistered cars will be towed from our property at the guest’s expense.
  13. Guests who intentionally or accidentally damage any property will be responsible to reimburse the owner for the full amount of the damage the guest caused. The owner can ask the guests to leave an extra deposit before or on their day of arrival. The total deposit will be refunded to the guests on the day of departure **ONLY if the guest leaves the apartment in the same status as they found it**. 
  14. If you will be arriving after 20:00 on your first day, you are required to contact us and let us know. This is to avoid that we sell your apartment to other interested guests.
  15. On the day of your departure, the CHECK-OUT TIME for all guests is before 10:00.  This is required in order for us to have time to clean and prepare the apartment for the next guest arrival.  Please keep in mind that this policy is what allowed your family to check-in on time on the day of your arrival.  You have the obligation to leave the apartment in the same condition as you found it – Clean, No Damages and No Trash.
  16. All guests staying at Aurora Apartments Nin are required to respect the peace and quiet of the owner and the other guests from 23:00 to 8:00 every day. These are the designated “Quiet Hours“.  If you or members of your group  choose to violate the Quiet Hours, the owner reserve the right to give you a warning, call the Police, or terminate your reservation.  In the case of reservation termination, there will be no refunds since it was caused by your own violation of the House Rules.
  17. These House Rules were provided to you in the initial email message, as well as in the reservation confirmation email sent to you.  Upon completing your reservation, it is automatically understood that you and your registered guests have read and agreed to obey all the House Rules.
  18. Any problem that cannot be solved between a guest and the owner will require immediate participation of the local Police Department.
  19. Any complaints or problems will be considered only if you report it immediately during your stay. If you encounter any troubles with anything in your apartment, you are required to notify the owner immediately. 
  20. The agreement with our electrical company does not support charging electric vehicles, therefore, it is not allowed.  Any guest who is found to be charging an electric vehicle will risk their reservation being cancelled immediately with no refund.
  21. Please note – once a guest has arrived and checked into their reserved apartment, their booking is completed and no longer eligible for any refund.  This includes if the guest decides to depart their apartment sooner than their designated check-out date or time.  The only acceptable conditions for any refund is due to extenuating circumstances, which includes: changes to government travel requirements, declared government emergencies or epidemics, government travel restrictions, military actions and other hostilities, or natural disasters.  Upon making their reservation, the guest understands and accepts that all other reasons for cancellation or early departure are the guest’s own responsibility and are not eligible for any refund.
  22. The owner reserve the right to immediately terminate the reservation of any guest who does not respect these House Rules.

We sincerely appreciate your respect and cooperation with all the information and rules above,  since they are intended to ensure that you, and all our other guests, may enjoy your holidays.

We appreciate and Thank you for choosing to stay with us at the beach!
The Aurora Apartments family