Underwater Adriatic Webcam


This underwater camera is located at Martinska in Sibenik at a depth of 5m.
Image transfer: Live, in real time.
Camera Type: IP in custom housing
Project designed and implemented: Marin Brajkovic, Darko Begic, Neven Cukrov.
During the hours of 20:00 to 23:00, the camera area is illuminated by reflective spotlight.
Commercial entities are prohibited from using the camera without an appointment!

For details about this project, read below.


Follow the underwater world live:
Underwater cameras St Martin, from idea to realization

On the portal of Sibenik Weather, you will now be able to follow in real-time the first underwater shots taken by the camera installed in the waters of Martinska near Sibenik at a depth of 5m. This project is the result of cooperation between the Institute of Marine Research RBI and associations Sibenik Weather and financial support from the project and the Tourist Board of Sibenik. Plans for the project had been started last year, however, due to insufficient funds it could only be realized for 2016 year. Also for the same reason, ready-made equipment from the United States had to be abandoned.  As a result, they had drafted their own and spent almost 180m of different cables, protection and isolation.  The whole system was designed and implemented by the Marina and Darko Brajkovic Begic from MW and Nevena Cukrova from RBI.

The system is equipped with a reflector which in summer mode illuminates the seabed daily from 20:00h to 23:00h, and the term starts and stops will vary depending on the changing lengths of day and night.

The Sibenik channel and the Krka’s sunken delta is famous for spawning of many fish species which have been seen in the first test photos.  Interest in the project was evident in the scientific community who will analyze the collected material. We also believe that many other people will enjoy the beautiful scenes of the underwater life near Sibenik.

“The underwater world and the possibility that it can follow live this knowledge to the Adriatic this system have only Slovenes were our main guidelines of the project. We reviewed a lot of material available on the Internet, the system laid down in the aquarium, the underwater reefs, etc. and access the execution and implementation of the project in Martinska. This is our location and was all the more interesting because the necessary resources for carrying out the project were available and easy with installation, “adds Darko Begic from SM team.

The underwater camera, weather station, panoramic camera aimed at Sibenik and the probe must MW and RBI have helped to revitalize Martinska.  This is also the goal of the other involved organizations, urban authorities and the Tourist Board, as well as the project “Summer in Martinska” which aims to return the sparkle of Martinska that had hosted resorts and many swimming locations for prior generations of Sibenik inhabitants.